Microscopic Cross Sections

Hard at work carving slides for the cover of “The Gallows Are Busy.”

The Gallows Are Busy

We are tending to the completion of our upcoming publication, The Gallows Are Busy.  A scrap heap publication compiled of Medusa stares, inert screens, vampiric cinema, stasis and sleeping beauties.  A nod to suspension.

The Gallows’ contributors include: The Anti-Banality Union, Bradley Eros, Chris Maggio, the Et Al collective, the ghost of OBERIU’s Leonid Lipavsky, and Louie Dean Valencia-García on Movida Madrilena and his own “arrebato” or rapture in front of the works of Eduardo Haro Ibars, amongst others.

The Gallows are Busy

Comix of the Movida

A small taste of the Movida Madrileña’s comic artists, a scene that nourished our early inspiration for “The Gallows Are Busy,” the Spanish filmmaker and Pedro Pan Ivan Zulueta. Goya’s backside, fractured commerce, electric stomachs & a healthy dose of heroin.

The cover of Eduardo Haro Ibars first book put out by the legendary imprint La Banda de Moebius, and drawings by David Asenjo, and Rubiales.

Goya's BacksideFractured Movida Electrico Estomago

Blue Balcony – Programming

In honor of the Blue Balcony’s closing last night, some photos of its fairy tale outcropping at Petite Versailles, & the programming that was distributed for our night of Cine-Crypts.

Cine-Crypts Program Mirror Insert


How Not To DieProgram Insert BlueBalconySeating BlueBalconyWindow BlueBalconyConstellations

Cine Crypts


(March 30th, The Blue Balcony,

Petite Versailles, Avenue C & Houston)

A night organized by the Cicada Press (Matt Whitley & Anastasiya Osipova) and Et Al collective in memoriam of the suicidal moth souls suspended before the ray of the projector and unable to turn away.
We will be unveiling an upcoming zine by Cicada Press on the subjects of rapture, sleeping beauty tales, and enchanted kingdoms inside crystal coffins and old cinemas.  All splayed against a luminous background of films about the people who fell pray to the light.
LeoEsPardo1 LeoEsPardo2