From Kiev to Brooklyn

Cicada, like Zelig, will be appearing throughout the world this September.

First engagement, the Floating Library is afloat! and hosting a number of Cicada rags, along with friends from Ugly Duckling Presse, Interference Archive, Franklin Furnace, the Luncheonette and SeaChange. It can be found aboard the Lilac steamship on Pier 25 in downtown Manhattan.  Also, duo Colleen Asper and Marika Kandelaki will be performing Medea as a part of their long running Hole series on September 26th.

Check out the Floating Library’s schedule here.

Second, we will be participating in the Brooklyn Book Festival this week on Sunday, September 21st.  The festival will be running from 10-6 at Brooklyn Borough Hall, rain or shine.  All of our current publications will be available, along with artists’ editions and other printed work.  There are a huger number of authors and artists speaking as part of the festival’s events, including a PEN panel on writing and surveillance that is apropos our most recent publication on Ukraine’s Maidan uprising, and an appearance by New Weird’s Jeff VanderMeer.

The schedule is here.

And, most dear to us, Anastasiya is in Ukraine at the peak of the current crisis, as both a foreign agent and a native provocateur in the reigning climate of war and ultra-nationalism.  She’ll be waving the blackened Cicada banner tomorrow at a new space in Kiev intended as a site for the collective HUDRADA.  Nastiya will be speaking on Circling the Square: Maidan and Cultural Insurgency in Ukraine,” discussing the current process of museumification of protest and the role of cultural institutions in shaping critical consciousness in the face of war and propaganda.  She will be joined by a number of contributors to the publication. 

Facebook event: CtS HUDRADA (scroll way down for English)
September 17th, 6:30 PM, 34 Khreshchatyk.