Not A Word About Politics!

by Roman Osminkin
5'' x 7'' perfect bound book
280 pages

The first English language collection of the work of radical Russian poet, crooner, rapper, artist and activist Roman Osminkin.  This edition is a double facing (Russian originals included) collaborative work between writers, artists and translators spanning East to West.

“Not a word about politics!” – enough of chattering insipid fantasies. Politics is a task for everyone, it can be and it is enacted every day by every historical subject in her micro-social practices. When such practices are popularized, they can grow into a demand which resounds so loudly that it is impossible to ignore.  Poetry, songs, rap – these are essential forms for crafting a solidarity of the word, for making the word political.  Speech, not only the speech of a lexicon but of gestures and movement, politicizes dead language when it reorders the connections between old meanings and their referents, performing reality through “language in action.”


Price: $15.00

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