‘Circling the Squares’ Update

Our newsprint/broadsheet publication dedicated to the recent events on Maidan and the culture surrounding it, tentatively titled “Circling the Squares,” is nearing the final layout phase.  The printing has been delayed, but for the best of reasons: we have received and are finishing translating several new and beautiful pieces.  The original post has been altered to reflect the new contributors, along with links of interest, but we would like to thank and include them here.  The translators who volunteered their help and hours of  time to this publication deserve a special mention as well.

Additional contributors: Anna Zvyagintseva, Nikita Kadan, Larisa Venediktova, Larissa Babij, TanzLaboratorium, and Mariana Matveichuk.

Translators: Ian Dreiblatt, Ronald Meyer, Ilya Kliger, Olivia Crough, Dennis Ossipov-Grodsky, and J. Kates.

We expect to send the publication to the printers, with a short turnaround, in about one week’s time.

Tanz Laboratorium's Performance "The Invisible Generation," to be featured in Cicada Press' publication "Circling the Squares."
Tanz Laboratorium’s performance “HEADLESS”