Circling the Square Completed

Circling the Square: Maidan and Cultural Insurgency in Ukraine, published by Cicada Press. Featuring Petr Pavlensky, Pavel Arsenev, Alexandr Wolodarskij, Larissa Babij, Chto Delat?, TanzLaboratorium, Larisa Venediktova, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Nikita Kadan, Anastasiya Osipova, Autonomous Workers Union, Assembly for Culture in Ukraine, Serhiy Zhadan, Oleksandr Berlaka, Mariana Matveichuk, Marina Simakova, David Chichkan, and Anna Zvyagintseva.We’ve finished compiling and laying out the totality of our latest publication, Circling the Square: Maidan & Cultural Insurgency in Ukraine.  Advance PDFs are available for review, as well as for any interested readers while we await the finalized print edition.  A free PDF will be made available after the release event.  It’s ultimate form will be a full color 14” x 22.75” newspaper with broadsheet style entries, intended to be distributed at little or no cost.

The publication features a massive list of contributors, the majority in original English translation, as well as a complete Russian and Ukrainian index of source material.

Its contributors: Pavel Arsenev, Assembly for Culture in Ukraine, Larissa Babij, Oleksandr Burlaka, David Chichkan, Chto Delat?, Nikita Kadan, Volodymir Kuznetsov, Mariana Matveichuk, Dmitry Mrachnik of the Autonomous Workers Union, Anastasiya Osipova, Petr Pavlensky, Marina Simakova, TanzLaboratorium Performance Group, Anna Zvyagintseva, Larisa Venediktova, Alexander Wolodarskiy, Serhiy Zhadan. (For a full list featuring bios and links consult our original announcement here).

Its translators: Olivia Crough, Ian Dreiblatt, Ilya Kliger, J. Kates, Ronald Meyer, Dennis Ossipov-Grodsky, Anastasiya Osipova.

Expect to see the publication back from the presses within a weeks’ time. For further information consult the Titles section.