The Gallows Are Busy

60p. Perfect bound. Heavyweight color printing. Large format, 8"x10"

"From a Fathom of rope my neck Will learn the weight of my Ass" - Villon

The Gallows Are Busy is a group publication, attempting to follow and describe the trajectory of a glazed and nervous eye, which takes in the textures of things, and all the associations that they give birth to, but fails to understand their function. It gathers several accounts of such suspended, disassociative perception without celebrating, but also without condemning them. Rather, its intention is to consider the broad spectrum of “checking out”: its poetry, its stupidity, its cunning, its rebellion.

Contributions to The Gallows include visual art, original translations, poetry, photography, and writing by: the Anti-Banality Union, Andrea Bellu, Bradley Eros, et al., Eduardo Haro Ibars (of Movida Madrileña), Leonid Lipavsky (OBERIU), Chris Maggio, Anastasiya Osipova, Stewart Uoo, Louie Dean Valencia-García, and Matthew Whitley


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